Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Velveteen Habit

Why do we love velvet? Fairly simple really, it feels amazing. Unfortunately it comes in and out of fashion incessantly and so any piece of velvet clothing will very promptly become passé. But this is, of course, the nature of anything that is a bit different really. Velvet had its glory years in the 90s and can be spotted in almost every Spice Girls video clip… however it was subsequently marked as a fashion faux pas for almost a decade (we are ignoring the very unfortunate velvet track suit phase!)… but, if you look around the shops you will notice that velvet is starting to edge its way back into our wardrobes.
There are some amazing velvet dresses and velvet skirts coming in to the market as well as some great velvet blazers.Velvet is one of our favourite trends this winter because it is warm and oh so soft. Here are a few pieces to get you

Low-rise skinny velvet jeans - Notify

Tea Frock (Black Spot) - Camilla and Marc

Leather and velvet combo jacket - Alexander Wang

Velvet peplum jacket - Winter Kate

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