Sunday, July 4, 2010

The sociology of yummy mummies

Retail Assistants are more than just a pretty face and well dressed mannequin, after years of human surveillance we have earned our self-appointed degree of sociology.
Everyone likes to believe they are unique but from our detailed observation it is quite obvious that for each category of person, there is a carefully constructed 'uniform'. It may be the bike messengers with their crumpler bags and lycra pants or the young professional in their immaculate suits and briefcases. Whatever category it is, there will be a uniform. One particular favourite is the 'yummy mummy'. This mummy is different from the 'slovenly, just rolled out of bed' mummy or 'the everything organic, hippie' mummy.
Her uniform consists of lorna jane activewear and adidas running shoes with pefectly salon blow-dried, 3/4 head highlighted hair and pristine makeup. The activewear is generally a racerback tank top with tight three quarter leggings that shows off her rocking, gym honed, 'can you believe I've had a baby' bod to perfection. She is openly thrilled with our exclamations of wonder at her incredible physique and demurely humble about how often she goes to the gym. All of this is meticulously accessorised with the quintessential bugaboo pram or stroller and, of course, pandora bracelet. Yummy mummy perfection complete!

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