Sunday, September 19, 2010

Tea time

We love to drink tea and lots of it... sometimes it's the only thing keeping us going on a long shift! Of course, we enjoy a skinny cappucino or a soy latte in the morning for that ultimate kick-start but tea is rejuvinating and brings a certain pleasure to our day.
There are so many flavours but some of our favourites are Twining's English Breakfast, White tea by Planet Organic and Madagascan Vanilla tea by T2 Tea. Green tea is also popular but the best green tea is bought in little chinese grocery stores and at fresh food markets!
Just as important as the tea itself, is the mug from which we drink it! We each have our own mugs but we've found some really cute ones online...

Thursday, August 19, 2010

In the NAVY

Nautical patterns and colours have been evident in the last couple of years and this summer they are set to flood our stores once again.
We saw cherry reds and deep navys throughout winter, especially in coats and we will see those colours in bathers and dresses as the weather warms up.
Bold stripes and polka dots are also going to be parading themselves on our beaches... Seafolly and Jets by Jessika Allen already have some gorgeous bathers out that have pretty nautical prints.
Teamed with natural, earthy accessories, nautical is a fantastic look this season. So invest in a chic straw hat a brown leather belt and some chunky wooden or beaded jewellery and enjoy yourself...!

Viva Frilled Set - Seafolly

Biotite Dress in Camelian - Tigerlily

Viva One Piece - Seafolly

Spot Bow boyleg one piece - Jets by Jessika Allen

Beatnik one piece - Seafolly

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Light as a feather

Floaty feminine fabrics, pretty patterns and delicate detail are essential for your spring wardrobe this year. Building on the beige and neutral tones that have been coming into the stores, these light and airy designs are perfect to bounce into the warmer weather.
The great thing about floral and floaty is that you can find some really inexpensive items at some of the more affordable stores. It is also worth checking out your local second hand store to search for 70s flowy blouses and free style skirts or a sweet 50s dress.
We have found some really gorgeous pieces on net-a-porter but also some absolute bargains...

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Considerate customers?

It has come to our attention that social etiquette is slipping when it comes to how customers behave in a shop. We realise that everyone is busy and time is often in short supply, however, this is not a customer's 'get out of jail free card' when it comes to manners.

We are sooo over serving/trying to serve customers that are...

A. Talking on a phone
How hard is it to just finish your call and then come in, or otherwise ask the person on the other end if you can call them back in a few minutes!

B. Eating
It is not appropriate to eat in a shop, even less so to touch the merchandise with your sticky or oily fingers!

C. Listening to their Ipod
Just switch it off while we are speaking to you!

D. Unhygienic
When a customer's hands are covered in grime and they touch things in the store, it makes us shudder! Also, and this is very specific to a jewellery store, it is completely insanitary when a client licks their finger to get a ring on or to take it off... especially if it is not even their ring (oh yes, it happens!).

We would love to see a renaissance of some basic consideration for us sales girls that are putting ourselves on the front line day after day. We would never serve a customer with dirty hands or with earphones in our ears... and imagine their reaction if we stood behind the counter stuffing french fries into out mouths... hmmm?

Bonne Mere Soap - L'Occitane

Monday, August 2, 2010

Belt up

One of the most versatile accessories is the humble belt. A good belt has the power to complete an outfit, to emphasize your waist, to give new life to an old dress... and oh so much more.
This year we are loving belts cinched around the waist. Whether it be a detailed vintage style or a simple yet classic design, they really do add a certain spice to an outfit.
There are so many gorgeous leather belts in stores at the moment in dark chocolate browns and soft beige tones... We are also embracing the patent leather in pale pinks or even black.
Looking ahead to the warmer months, belts look fantastic over a great summer dress or a cute skirt. There is a great white leather belt with a pretty cut-out design that we stumbled across on amazing with some sweet white leather sandals.
Belts are fun... Enjoy.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Due to our neverending uniform of black, we love to spice up our lives with girl power and nail polish. Ah sweet nail polish, the more we use you the more we are addicted. Of course, a classic french mani can never go astray but recently we've been delving into a kaleidoscope of colour. Pinks, reds, oranges, corals, taupes...and more. The brands we love to use are mecca cosmetica, opi, essie and for an inexpensive flirtation, rimmel (in double decker or riviera red). Dip those nails in a vat of colour!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Velveteen Habit

Why do we love velvet? Fairly simple really, it feels amazing. Unfortunately it comes in and out of fashion incessantly and so any piece of velvet clothing will very promptly become passé. But this is, of course, the nature of anything that is a bit different really. Velvet had its glory years in the 90s and can be spotted in almost every Spice Girls video clip… however it was subsequently marked as a fashion faux pas for almost a decade (we are ignoring the very unfortunate velvet track suit phase!)… but, if you look around the shops you will notice that velvet is starting to edge its way back into our wardrobes.
There are some amazing velvet dresses and velvet skirts coming in to the market as well as some great velvet blazers.Velvet is one of our favourite trends this winter because it is warm and oh so soft. Here are a few pieces to get you

Low-rise skinny velvet jeans - Notify

Tea Frock (Black Spot) - Camilla and Marc

Leather and velvet combo jacket - Alexander Wang

Velvet peplum jacket - Winter Kate

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Chic and Not-So-Chic Shoppers

Over the years we have become accustomed to the varying suitability of what the public wear when they go shopping.

Some people look like they are about to go for a run, when really they have no intention of doing any form of exercise at all that day… others look as though they have just rolled out of bed… some look as though they are going clubbing… others look like they’ve just come from the farm… and then there are those who look as though they may have an engagement with the Queen later on.

In amongst all of these shall we say ‘fascinating’ outfits there are, of course, some that we love. For example, there are those ladies wearing an incredibly put-together ensemble, with that understated “I didn’t try but I look amazing” style… then there are the casual yet chic young girls in their tailored jeans and great accessories… and those who have come straight from work in their modish suits… and then, finally, there are those people that are dressed so beautifully that you just want take a photo and have it framed!

We have identified a number of looks that make up a ‘Black List’ of fashions don’ts and also a compilation of great style guidelines for shoppers. We will, no doubt, build these two categories throughout the life of our blog!

The item that we must immediately assign to the Black List is leggings worn as pants. Can we just make this very clear, unless you are working out or you are in the privacy of your own home, leggings are not pants. Leggings leave nothing to the imagination and they are, in the majority of cases, not very flattering… we know they are comfortable, but this is not justification.

Secondly, we would like to add dresses, skirts and shorts that barely cover your behind… this is not appropriate in general, unless perhaps you are going to the beach... They are especially unsuitable, however, when you are out shopping amongst families, not to mention the elderly!

On a lighter note, we would like to commend the wearing of dresses and skirts to go shopping… they look so pretty and they make you feel as though you are having a lovely day out rather than just going to mope around the shops.

Another item which we recommend is sensible yet stylish footwear. Ballet flats and kitten heels not only look sweet and elegant, they are easy to walk in and will keep your feet happy during the entirety of your shopping escapade!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The re-invention of beige

Beige is only as boring as the person wearing it. Neutral tones can be just as exciting as vivid colours. When we're not wearing black, we yearn for something that is light and fresh. There are some really gorgeous natural colours included in this seasons palette; from warm mochas and taupes to pale pinks and soft creams. Neutral accessories can really lift an outfit. Beige shoes especially are extremely flattering and make your legs appear longer. Equally, a cream blazer or coat looks chic and feminine and they go with everything! We are really inspired by the soft tones in the latest collections of Chloé.. we also found a gorgeous Camilla and Marc blazer and, bien-sûr, some amazing shoes by Jimmy Choo... and then we have gathered a collection of lovely (and purse-friendly) pieces from Mimco, Tony Bianco and Witchery... :)

Monday, July 5, 2010

The 'customer' effect...

We would like to draw attention to a curious condition that seems to infect a significant number of shoppers. It seems to take hold when they crossover from a regular person to a customer and the effect is immediate.
We have noticed a definite decline of intelligence the moment they step into the shop. This varies with each individual; starting from subtle naïveté to complete ignorance.
There are a number of incidents which come to mind…
Incident 1
- “I’d like to buy this”
- “Lovely, that one is 10% off at the moment”
- “How come?”
- “We have a special promotion running this month, up to 60% off everything”
- “You should really put up some signage”
- “Ummm, we do have banners up, and also signs in each display window… and see the balloons in the corner there?”
Incident 2
- “Is it white gold?”- “No these pendants are silver.”
- “White gold?”
- “No, they're in silver.”
- “Not white gold?”
- “No, sorry, these pendants only come in silver”
- “And in white gold?”
Incident 3
- “I’m looking for a solitaire ring”
- “Which cut were you after? Round brilliant, square princess?”
- “A solitaire cut”
- “So solitaire just means a single stone, as in ‘solo’… did you want it with a round or a square cut stone?”
- “What’s the difference?”

Sunday, July 4, 2010

The sociology of yummy mummies

Retail Assistants are more than just a pretty face and well dressed mannequin, after years of human surveillance we have earned our self-appointed degree of sociology.
Everyone likes to believe they are unique but from our detailed observation it is quite obvious that for each category of person, there is a carefully constructed 'uniform'. It may be the bike messengers with their crumpler bags and lycra pants or the young professional in their immaculate suits and briefcases. Whatever category it is, there will be a uniform. One particular favourite is the 'yummy mummy'. This mummy is different from the 'slovenly, just rolled out of bed' mummy or 'the everything organic, hippie' mummy.
Her uniform consists of lorna jane activewear and adidas running shoes with pefectly salon blow-dried, 3/4 head highlighted hair and pristine makeup. The activewear is generally a racerback tank top with tight three quarter leggings that shows off her rocking, gym honed, 'can you believe I've had a baby' bod to perfection. She is openly thrilled with our exclamations of wonder at her incredible physique and demurely humble about how often she goes to the gym. All of this is meticulously accessorised with the quintessential bugaboo pram or stroller and, of course, pandora bracelet. Yummy mummy perfection complete!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Ruffles & Lace

We are obliged to wear black at work so we are always looking for black clothes that are abundant in fantastic detail like ruffles and lace.
Beautiful fabrics with different patterns and textures or pieces with an interesting cut are desirable too!
When you’re dressed head to toe in black, it’s hard not to look a bit drab or like you’ve just come from a funeral. So, it’s nice to break up the black with a splash of white or grey or maybe cream… even a great leather belt can add a certain je ne sais quoi too!
Here are some of our favourite picks from (a splendid website to get some top designer inspiration or even splurge on something special!) and
also some gorgeous pieces at much friendlier prices!

Ruffled wool-blend dress - Zac Posen

Cleland silk-chiffon blouse - Diane Von Furstenberg

Vita Dress(112B WC) - Leona Edmiston

Arabian Dream Shirt - FCUK

Ribbon work pleated skirt - Jigsaw

Thursday, July 1, 2010

La Préface

Today is the 1st of July and, in our humble opinion, the perfect date to start a blog. We are sales assistants and we think that there are far too many stories going untold about our daily encounters with customers and the amusing situations we so often seem to find ourselves in!
We would also like to share some of our adventures outside the shop and what we get up to when we’re not wearing black.
We hope that you enjoy reading this blog as much as we will enjoy writing it!