Saturday, July 10, 2010

Chic and Not-So-Chic Shoppers

Over the years we have become accustomed to the varying suitability of what the public wear when they go shopping.

Some people look like they are about to go for a run, when really they have no intention of doing any form of exercise at all that day… others look as though they have just rolled out of bed… some look as though they are going clubbing… others look like they’ve just come from the farm… and then there are those who look as though they may have an engagement with the Queen later on.

In amongst all of these shall we say ‘fascinating’ outfits there are, of course, some that we love. For example, there are those ladies wearing an incredibly put-together ensemble, with that understated “I didn’t try but I look amazing” style… then there are the casual yet chic young girls in their tailored jeans and great accessories… and those who have come straight from work in their modish suits… and then, finally, there are those people that are dressed so beautifully that you just want take a photo and have it framed!

We have identified a number of looks that make up a ‘Black List’ of fashions don’ts and also a compilation of great style guidelines for shoppers. We will, no doubt, build these two categories throughout the life of our blog!

The item that we must immediately assign to the Black List is leggings worn as pants. Can we just make this very clear, unless you are working out or you are in the privacy of your own home, leggings are not pants. Leggings leave nothing to the imagination and they are, in the majority of cases, not very flattering… we know they are comfortable, but this is not justification.

Secondly, we would like to add dresses, skirts and shorts that barely cover your behind… this is not appropriate in general, unless perhaps you are going to the beach... They are especially unsuitable, however, when you are out shopping amongst families, not to mention the elderly!

On a lighter note, we would like to commend the wearing of dresses and skirts to go shopping… they look so pretty and they make you feel as though you are having a lovely day out rather than just going to mope around the shops.

Another item which we recommend is sensible yet stylish footwear. Ballet flats and kitten heels not only look sweet and elegant, they are easy to walk in and will keep your feet happy during the entirety of your shopping escapade!

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