Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Considerate customers?

It has come to our attention that social etiquette is slipping when it comes to how customers behave in a shop. We realise that everyone is busy and time is often in short supply, however, this is not a customer's 'get out of jail free card' when it comes to manners.

We are sooo over serving/trying to serve customers that are...

A. Talking on a phone
How hard is it to just finish your call and then come in, or otherwise ask the person on the other end if you can call them back in a few minutes!

B. Eating
It is not appropriate to eat in a shop, even less so to touch the merchandise with your sticky or oily fingers!

C. Listening to their Ipod
Just switch it off while we are speaking to you!

D. Unhygienic
When a customer's hands are covered in grime and they touch things in the store, it makes us shudder! Also, and this is very specific to a jewellery store, it is completely insanitary when a client licks their finger to get a ring on or to take it off... especially if it is not even their ring (oh yes, it happens!).

We would love to see a renaissance of some basic consideration for us sales girls that are putting ourselves on the front line day after day. We would never serve a customer with dirty hands or with earphones in our ears... and imagine their reaction if we stood behind the counter stuffing french fries into out mouths... hmmm?

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